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Clothing, textiles and wellness

Annotating Images and Reflective Writing

Cueing pictures, Beauticians

Students have to identify skin anomalies on a picture by annotating it

Collaboratively Writing Instructions

Collaborative work, Table filling, Picture analysis, Fashion-design apprentices

Students are ask to collaborate to analyse a picture and fill a table as if they were filling technical documentation for manufacturers. A section of the table is assigned to each students

Annotating and Overlapping Technical Drawings

Fashion-design apprentices, Cueing pictures, Picture annotation, Overlapping

Identifying defects by annotating a technical drawing picture, then discussing it in plenary by overlapping the annotations

Video annotation of student-created video tutorials to foster reflection

Fashion-design apprentices, Video annotation, Videos, Hypervideos, Video tutorial

In group, students are asked to record a video tutorial to produce a technical drawing. Students' group then have to follow another group's tutorial, and then annotate the video.

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