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Cueing pictures

This teaching approach consists of analyzing images and pointing out important elements using visual elements (circle, colors, arrows, lines etc.).

Annotating Images and Reflective Writing

Cueing pictures, Beauticians

Students have to identify skin anomalies on a picture by annotating it

Collaboratively Writing Instructions

Collaborative work, Table filling, Picture analysis, Fashion-design apprentices

Students are ask to collaborate to analyse a picture and fill a table as if they were filling technical documentation for manufacturers. A section of the table is assigned to each students

Annotating and Overlapping Technical Drawings

Fashion-design apprentices, Cueing pictures, Picture annotation, Overlapping

Identifying defects by annotating a technical drawing picture, then discussing it in plenary by overlapping the annotations

Bilder mit Anmerkungen versehen und reflektierendes Schreiben

Kosmetikerinnen, Bilder anmerken

Die Schüler müssen Hautanomalien auf einem Bild erkennen, indem sie es mit Anmerkungen versehen.

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