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or how to benefit from the Erfahrraum scenarios

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"Make the scenarios your own!"

These scenarios were designed according to the Erfahrraum model, i.e. with the aim of using technologies to improve the transfer of knowledge of the apprentices, between class and work and between work and class. Technologies are a "bridge" between school and workplace.

Whether you are teaching commercial apprentices or carpenters, you can use these scenarios by adapting them to the tools at your disposal and to your vocational context.

For each scenario, you will be provided with:

  • A summary table and an overview of the scenario, to understand its main characteristics

  • The description of the teaching approach, to understand how students learn and how to exploit the scenario

  • The recipe, to recreate the exact same scenario

  • Advices, to adapt the scenario to your own needs and tools

  • Assets if available

Hence, you can either use the scenario as it was created by following the recipe, or you can (and probably should) adapt it to your teaching style, to the tools you have at hand, to your students, to the vocational context you are teaching in.  

Be creative!

The scenarios should get you inspired and provide you with new ideas for your classes.

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Exchange and discuss

If you want to discuss and exchange about scenarios, pedagogical approaches, tools or other topics related to VET/PET in Switzerland, you can register or login to Skillsnet Community which is a networking and information platform for VET actors funded by SFUVET. 

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