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Collaboratively Writing Instructions


Collaborative work, Table filling, Picture analysis, Fashion-design apprentices

Learning objective
Identify characteristics of a garment and write technical documentation
1 lesson units per month for the duration of the year
Individual, class
Fashion-design apprentices
Picture annotation tool


In this scenario, fashion design apprentices were asked to fill out a table in a document with all the necessary information for the manufacturing of a garment (e.g., measurements) such as a skirt. The table had to include drawings of the type of stitching used in the manufacturing and sample photos of all the textiles used. Additionally, apprentices had to include symbols related to the maintenance of the garment (e.g., washing temperature).

Beschreibung des Lehransatzes

This scenario uses peer-writing and collaborative learning so students interact with each other to co-construct their knowledge. In this scenario, students have to collaborate to complete a garment table that describes the manufacturing process of a specific garment by revising the theory together and helping each other in completing all the sections. This collaborative work allows each student to describe the procedure more accurately.
This scenario is valuable also in helping apprentices to revise all the manufacturing steps of a garment which allows them time to reflect and memorise.


Do It Yourself 


It is the original tool used in the scenario. You can post the file containing the picture and the table in Realto and assign it to your students. They can used the integrated picture annotation features to fill in the table. Or you can give your students all the pictures and tables and ask them to create the technical documentation themselves.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

You can post your table in the files of your Team and your students will be able to edit it in Microsoft Teams. Make sure to create one file for each group and garment.

Word processing software
Word processing software

You can use a word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word) to create the table. Send the table file to your students so that they can fill it to complete the table in the word processing software.

Tipps und Tricks

  • This scenario could be applied to professions that have a similar type of technical drawing procedure in their curriculum.

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  • Caruso, V., Cattaneo, A., & Gurtner, J.-L. (2017). Creating technology-enhanced scenarios to promote observation skills of fashion-design students. Form@re - Open Journal per La Formazione in Rete, 17(1), 4‑17.

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